• Four Dale Challenge Reveals Yorkshire Dales as a Mountain Biking Hotspot.

    Yorkshire based Mountain Bike holiday company Outathaway Bike Tours have recently designed a new challenge for adventure holiday enthusiasts. The Four Dale Challenge pits the mountain biker against the rugged yet beautiful hills and valleys of the Yorkshire Dales revealing some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK. Based in Richmond, North Yorkshire Outathaway […]


    About twenty years ago, when our married daughters were in elementary school, they had a bicycle accident. Jo Ellen, our oldest, lost control of her bike and ran into her sister, Amanda, who was standing right in her path. Suddenly the front fender of the bike slid rather abruptly between Amanda’s fingers, and left a […]

  • Southern Baptist Church host NC Bike Week May 1-5,2004

    Conover, NC April 22, 2004 — Southern Baptist Church in NC spreads the word via bikers.Dr.Ruffin E. Snow has pastored churches for 41 years and has also been a lifelong motorcyclist. Clad in his black leather jacket and boots, he is heaven on wheels this up coming week at Tri-City Baptist Church located about 60 […]