Urbanization has led to an increase in population, number of cars and apartments. Being stuck in traffic has become a way of life. People living in crowded cities plan their day accordingly and start very early to be on time at work. The pollution that is associated with uncontrolled urbanization too has been lately realized greatly. People with desk jobs need to exercise. A simple solution to all this is the bicycle. It is the best exercise, and can get you out of traffic and tight spots easily and best of all it causes no pollution.

Nowadays many have realized this and use cycles to travel short distances. But with urbanization, very few fortunate ones have independent houses and everybody else lives in apartments. Bicycles need little space but need to be kept safe from thieves as they are easily stolen. They can’t be left around without safeguarding like all other vehicles. Those with independent houses have little to worry about storage, as they will have many options to make arrangements for safekeeping. It is a cause of concern for the apartment dwellers; they can’t just leave their bikes on the stairways or in hallways. Everybody wants it out of their way, when not in use.

Doha being one among the great business centres mostly has apartment dwellings. Interior designers have found creative solutions for safe keeping bikes too, whether it be at the workplace or at home. Companies like Cloudsinteriors provide you with several innovative solutions and are one of the trusted interior designers in Doha that can help deal with your interior designing. Here are we discuss few of the solutions:

Outdoor Storage
Bike tents and covers: These are portable and affordable, but lack in durability and safety from thieves. They can only protect the bike from natural elements like sun and rain and can keep them from being too noticeable. These are best for areas that have little to worry about theft.

Bike sheds: These would be the preferred choice for outdoor storage. People living in independent houses can use these for storage. They may be made of aluminium, steel, wood or plastic. Those made of wood have a classic look and are aesthetically pleasing. Bike sheds may range in size from allowing storage of two to ten bikes. Even people living in apartments could pool in and use it as a shared storage with other bicycle owners.

Indoor Storage
For all their usefulness on the roads and fitness training, bicycles inside the living space can be a huge inconvenience. You wouldn’t want to keep bumping into it and lose space that can be used more efficiently. Bikes in the hallways or walking space are misplaced and are a sore sight. Interior designers have solutions to those problems. Some clever people have come up with easy DIY bicycle storage ideas too.

Bike racks mounted on the wall: These typically are for storage of just one or two bikes. They are fixed in a particular location and the bikes are usually mounted on the stand by the crossbars. Some bike racks are designed such as to hold the bike in place by the handle bars. Bikes held by the handle bars lay horizontally across the walls.

Bike hooks: These are probably the cheapest available solution to bike storage. The hook is mounted on the wall, such that it holds the bike by its front wheel and the back wheel is left to rest on the wall. The user is disadvantaged by the space the bike still occupies, as it sticks out of the wall and takes up as much space as its height. These are best placed in corners.

Freestanding bike stands: These consist of a frame with extendable arms/bike cradles to support the bikes by their crossbars. These are ideal for those who don’t want to drill holes in the ceiling or walls. These stands are portable.Cloud Interiors have many innovative designs for this.You can check some ideas at /www.dexigner.com

Bicycle stand: These are single stands such as to keep either the front or back wheel in place. Bicycles can easily be rolled into the stand slot for the wheel.

Bike hoists: This is one of the most well thought, simple but clever ideas. These are ideal for those living in high-ceilinged spaces. The basic equipment may be difficult to install, but once installed it is easy. The hoist works by a pulley system and the bike is held up onto the ceiling by its wheels. Bike hoists are also called bike pulleys or bike lifts. They are ideal even to save space in the garage or workplaces. They can easily be placed over the headspace between the garage ceiling and top of the car.

Trendy bike racks: This ccccccccccccone is for those who don’t want to see ordinary hooks on the wall or stands to stick out in their interiors. Without the bike on them, these wouldn’t look like bike racks. They are frames fashioned to look like animal heads with antlers or horns. They can be more varied in shape and blend in with the interior decor.

Bike shelf: This is a combination of a bookshelf with a bike stand. The shelf while functioning as a bookshelf also has a portion cut out to support the cycle by its crossbar.

Wooden bike hooks: These are just two, thick, cylindrical wooden sticks jutting out of the wall and the cycle can be mounted up onto it by the crossbar.

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