Where to get salesforce certification in Chennai? What are the pros of becoming a Salesforce Certified administrator? What skills are needed to become a Salesforce Certified Administrator? Should I become a Salesforce Developer or a Salesforce Admin? These are a few questions that pop into the mind of anyone who is considering taking up a Salesforce certification. We help you resolve several of these questions and more through this helpful guide.

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What does it take to be a Successful Salesforce Administrator?
While there are no specific skills that are needed to help you shape as a talented and highly reputed Salesforce administrator, it is really helpful if you are committed and eager to learn about this brand new platform. You can apply for the certification irrespective of your background, field of interest or the platform you are currently working on. So if you are wondering what it takes to attain this success in this field, it is nothing but the drive and passion to succeed. The rest will fall into place once you get this right.

How can a Salesforce Certification do Wonders to your Career?
Data shows that the majority of companies looking to hire top-level personnel mention a Salesforce Certification as the basic requisite. A Study by a Denver User Group claimed that a Salesforce certification not only improves the prospect of you landing a job, but also helps in getting a highly paid job. There is no doubt that you must get a salesforce certification if your career is in the CRM field.

Should I be an Admin or a Developer?
So, you have decided to get a Salesforce Certification. The next step is the most confusing. Should you take the Admin route or concentrate on becoming a Developer?

The two popular Salesforce certifications are the Administrator and a Developer. Currently, there are two categories under the Administrator. You can become a Salesforce Administrator (ADM201) or become an Advance Administrator (ADM211). To take up ADM201, there are no prior requisites. But to take up ADM211, it is a must to have successfully completed ADM201.

6a00e54ee3905b883301a73de7a5a6970Similarly, the Salesforce Developer has two certifications. You can become a Developer by taking DEV401 or become an Advanced Developer by taking the DEV501 certification. To take up DEV401, there are no prerequisites. But to take up DEV501, it is a must to have successfully completed DEV401 certification.

What’s the Difference between an Admin and a Developer?
Simply put, an Administrator focuses on the day-to-day operations of a business. It helps you to understand how to manage your employees, how to create workflow charts and rules and how to allocate different roles for different users and so on.

The developer certification helps you get a thorough knowledge and acquire the necessary skills to help declarative development. It focuses on how to create a custom solution for a particular business problem and so on.

What do we recommend?
Analyze your aptitude and choose the right certification based on your preferences and specific skills.

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